On December 18, 2017, a Kia Sedona MPV*  full of toys and gifts will be delivered by Danbury Kia staff to the patients of the Maria Fareri Children's Hospital to fulfill the Christmas wish of Zoey Seferi.

The Christmas and holiday season is always a time of giving at Danbury Kia so when a mother with a child with an auto immune disorder came to our showroom, a unique opportunity was presented to help grant a Christmas wish.


We will be accepting new unwrapped items for donation  in the Danbury Kia showroom.

Deadline December 17th.
Please see the list below for needed items.

As the patients at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital have compromised immune systems and are highly susceptible to infection, all items must be new.

Thank you for your support!

Amanda Seferi came to Danbury Kia to purchase an all-wheel drive vehicle. She explained that her beautiful 5-year-old daughter, Zoey, suffered from an autoimmune disorder that left her susceptible to frequent lung infections. Amanda needed a dependable vehicle in order to make the long drive back and forth from Connecticut to the Westchester New York area hospital where Zoey receives her treatment.

In the process of getting to know Amanda and Zoey, their sales consultant, Jake Green, asked Zoey what she wanted for Christmas. Her answer, "All I want is for all my friends in the hospital to get presents."  She and her mother have made it their mission to make sure this happens. According to Amanda, "Maria Fareri is an amazing facility that serves children from birth to 21-years  with compromised immune systems ."  To fufill everyones wishes the hospitals wish list contains a variety of toys, toiletries, art items, music, and clothing to accommodate all the patients.

Jake, immediately one over by the touching story and the spunky vivacious personality of Zoey , knew that this was an opportunity for Danbury Kia to give back to the community and help Zoey's wish come true.

When he explained the situation to General Sales Manager, Sal Sinardi, Sr.; and Owner, Bill Sabatini, they did not hesitate to agree to help. Bill Sabatini says, "Danbury Kia supports community organizations throughout the year but December is a special season of giving for us. It is our pleasure to help grant this Christmas wish for Zoey and her friends. In this holiday season, we wish them a speedy recovery, and health and happiness for the future."

Needed Items:
All donated items MUST BE NEW and UNWRAPPED.
As a non-denominational institution, items perceived as violent or religious in content cannot be distributed.
Food items, latex balloons, glass, wood, or brittle plastic cannot be accepted.
Wrapping Paper
Lego Kits
Toy Medical Kits
Action Figures
Plastic Dinosaurs and Animals
Play Food
Board Games
Card Games

Rattles and Hand-held Infant Toys
Sippy Cups
Crib Mirrors
Board Books

Colored Pencils
Washable Markers
Washable Paints and Brushes
Modeling Clay
Glue Sticks and Glue
Colored Construction Paper
Drawing Paper

Detangler Spray

 iTunes Gift Cards
Headphones/Ear Buds
Portable CD Players
Mini Blue Tooth Speakers
Rhythm Instruments
Miniature Instruments

DVDs (G, PG, PG13)
Jewelry Making Kits
Fleece Blankets
Costume Jewlery
Snap Model Kits
Make-up/Make-up Bags
Nail Polish and Nail Kits
Gift Cards: Old Navy, Target, GameStop, Walmart Amazon, etc.
Adult Coloring Books
Video Games
Sport Team Hats and Jerseys 
All sizes- Infant through Adult
Pajama Sets
Sweat Pants